Applications and Research Proposal Stress


Short post today.

I submitted application to Oxford and Cardiff on the 4th! Cardiff was difficult again! Their system for references is ambiguous: They seemed to required a posted copy of a University headed letter from the referee; not something I can exactly do one week before application! My referees said that a headed and typed pdf emailed to the primary contact should be ok so we went with that! Oxford interview over the 24th-25th so I should hear back soon (as the first of those dates is in 11 days!) and Cardiff state that they contact you if invited to interview within 4 weeks. I’m fully expecting that both won’t contact me at all unless successfully invited to interview -_- but hey!

In a slight moment of stress (slight, yeah right) I received feedback on my first research proposal draft. It was full of honest, but constructive, criticism from my hopeful supervisor. I fully agreed with all of the comments but for my first go it did feel a tad demoralising, though she did say she knows how difficult first attempts are. I took the day off and did some fun things :).

So anyway that’s where I am. If you’re reading this and you’ve got to that point in your applications don’t worry. Everyone pursuing PhD goes through it and no one is expecting something utterly brilliant from us first time round 🙂

Continuing my masters project next week, a bit of prep today!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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