First PhD rejection, the MSci course, and LESIS More.


So a few days ago I received my first rejection. My application to the 4 year DPhil in Neuroscience at Oxford was declined. I was a bit down as you would expect but I was one of 240 or so applicants for 5 places (thus not being in the top 2% isn’t something to be ashamed of). The only big negative here is that I am one option down but I am carrying on none-the-less! I’m still to hear back from my other application and I’m just putting together the final draft of my research proposal! (things are all a bit scary).

I should tell you a bit more about who I am and what I’m doing. I’m currently in my final year of an undergraduate masters (MSci) degree in Human Biology. The MSci course is identical for 3 years to the standard BSc but then it differs. Rather than graduating last July, I am staying on for an extra year. This year consists of: Research project (50%), research skills (33%), and a chosen taught module (17%). The degree largely provides a nice bit of extra training for those perhaps unsure if science is for them. I have learned a lot more regarding my own time management as so little is time-tabled. So far it has been very fun and interesting (with the same expected set backs as in any research project or set of assignments). I feel the MSci program is a good choice because it allows me to gain a greater qualification within my standard degree as well as, importantly, a lot more experience doing real research! Any questions about this? Please do ask 🙂

I’ve been pretty busy recently with a number of things (research project, funding science workshops, christmas, avengers movies, writing abstracts etc) and to add to that I am a co-organiser of a talk series. LESIS More (Life and Environmental Sciences Interface Series) was set up by me and a fellow MSci student (whose blog you can find here ) after noticing how many more interesting topics in science there are which students and researchers may never experience due to their curriculum or primary research. We hosted three talks last semester on the topics of artifical and natural intelligence, astrobiology, and public engagement in science. The latter of which was mentioned in the blog of the Biochemical Society ( We are continuing to host talks this semester on human palaeobiology, synthetic biology, and studying the brain. For any more information LESIS More has a facebook ( and twitter (

So that’s it for now. I’ve got a group grant proposal exercise, continued research project, seminars to attend, and talks to host coming up. Will let you all know  how things go 🙂 Oh! And I’ll be posting up a book review or two as well!

Thank you for reading.


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