PhD rejection number 2, PhD application number 3, grant proposals, and dying cells


Hello all. A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks. I received a rejection from my application to Cardiff. The course was funded much like the one at Oxford thus it was very competitive. A bit disheartened after my second rejection but I knew it was a long shot. There are a lot of very good students out there so to get in to the top 2% is pretty difficult! I submitted my application to St Andrews this week! Which is a positive 🙂 I had a bit of a last minute freak out as I repeatedly checked my documents to ensure I had everything ready. Then I double checked the email I had to send the documents to (I did NOT want to mess this up). I should hear back from them and, if accepted, be interviewed by the end of this month so I’m looking forward to hearing back! But I’m doing my best to not worry about it yet as there’s nothing I can do for now 🙂

Enough of PhDs. During the MSci year we had a two day workshop on funding science. We were introduced to the overall process from building a research idea to obtaining funding, the various funding bodies and their priorities, how to break down a project both financially and temporally etc. It was a really good couple of days and very eye-opening as usually you would not be introduced to this until you are part of an active lab yourself! To extend the workshop into practice I have been put into a group of four and we, without guidance, have to take what we’ve learned and apply it to modern science. We have to highlight an important area in need of research and build an entire mock proposal as if we were actually intending on doing the research. We have to research the background, the impact, the costs (specifically to equipment and people), the duration etc. The assessment is done such that all questions needing answered in a real grant proposal, bar those we could not such as preliminary data, will need to be addressed. I think this is a really good exercise in seeing how long and detailed the process of obtaining research funding is!

Finally, my project is still a bit on the -_- side. I am growing neurons in a cell culture and I’m having the repeated issue that they keep dying. A few reasons haven’t been my fault, or obviously my fault, but it’s still happening and I’m not sure why! If anyone out there is experience with neuronal cell culture do feel free to send some tips my way 🙂

That’s all for now. Continuing the project, working on my grant proposal, looking at funding for LESIS More.

Thanks for reading.


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