Interview feedback, interview invitation, and the general stress of this time of year!


Apologies for the large gap between my previous post and this one. Things have been…hectic lets just say that. The masters year is a very good one but at times a few things can creep up upon you at once (in particular if you’re also making post-graduate applications!) but this is what’s been happening.

I received a response from St Andrews regarding my recent Skype interview: I’ve been accepted to PhD! But without the studentship :(. This is fine as the competition was fierce and there are of course limited places. At least I and my project have been accepted 🙂 I’ve been communicating with my supervisor-to-be about potential funding options and it seems I have a few realistic options. Firstly, large funding bodies nowadays tend to fund departments/schools and not individuals so the chances of obtaining funding from one of them are slim. I am currently looking for charities, foundations, and smaller funding bodies for those interested in funding behavioural physiology and cognitive psychology so if you have any ideas do not hesitate to send them my way! If I’m unsuccessful in obtaining funding then doing the PhD part-time is a realistic option. The head of postgrad admissions has already declared they’d be more than happy for me to do it that way and that many people often don’t take much longer part-time which is nice! This still leaves me with the issue of money to live! I’m currently looking for part-time and flexible jobs in the area which could support me during my time. I’m really hoping for a technician or research associate position as I would be gaining relevant experience whilst working but if it comes to it I will take anything! So St Andrews is good but stressful at the moment.

On another positive note, I received an invitation for interview at Newcastle! I’ve spent bits of the last week doing background reading to the project and generally preparing for the day (Thursday 28th). As this interview is in person, I really wanted to see the facilities and meet the people I would be working with. I contacted the PI on the project who has wonderfully arranged for a member of his lab to show me around on the day! It’s going to be a good, long (~6h of journeys) but good day!

My research project is still running slowly. A number of logistically and experimental issues keep popping up and though I continue to bat them down they send their friends back afterwards! I am determined to get a result so will continue! I had my project presentation last tuesday which I felt went well which was nice.

Plans from now are to continue with the project, a few pieces of in-course assessment, and this upcoming interview!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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