Drafting My First Paper, Ordering Stuff For the Lab, and Education (, Education, Education)


Hey all 🙂

For the last two months, I’ve had a good balance of things across my life. Work, research, teaching have all come along nicely. But the main things have been finally writing my first paper, taking more control over my project by doing some of the ordering of lab materials, and developing multiple education projects.

 Drafting My First Paper

I’ve done it. I’ve finally reached that point in my career where I was ready to write my first paper. I’ve designed the experiment, collected the data, analysed the data, and now have an idea of what is going on. So I put this paper together…and I felt a little blank. I’ve written blog posts and essays and guided many students with writing reports. But my own paper seemed different. I over-thought the process a bit. But I followed my own advice and got there in the end. The process was actually quite fun as it was me talking about my stuff for once. I paper went to my supervisor at the end of January and I’m hoping to get some feedback by the start of April; perhaps I’l submit it by the end of June 🙂

Ordering Stuff For the Lab

The other thing I’ve levelled up with is managing a budget and supplies for my research. My supervisor and I obtained a grant last year to cover my last stint of lab work and I have been getting to work on this since January. I’ve been looking through protocols, liasing with outside companies, and ordering stock to make sure I have everything I need for when my samples are needed. Feels good but it’s been a lot of responsibility. I’ve also made a few calculation errors which made me panic about being waaaaay over-budget. Thankfully, my supervisor is great and caught the errors. Overall, it’s been nice to get some experience with the stock and financial management of a project (even in a very minor capacity).

Education, Education, Education

I really can’t say no HAHAHA. I’ve been taking on my fair share of educational projects this Spring. Firstly, my regular biology teaching. I work on a first year module whereby I get the same 12 students for the whole semester. I support their practical, analytical, and confidence skills across a wide variety of biological topics. By the end of the semester, you really get to know each student and their particular strengths and weaknesses. I am also still a study skills tutoring, taking on usually 2-6 hours of one-to-one sessions a week. I have also continued to organise and co-run skills workshops in psychology covering topics such as writing, statistics, and resilience. We have had 2 so far and 1 more this semester. I had my first experience as a lead demonstrator/marker when I took on marking a piece of course work, coordinated and moderated the feedback, then delivered a Q&A feedback session for the students. Lastly, I am working on a curriculum for a summer school. The one i’ve worked for the past two years has closed so I’m hoping to transfer to their New York branch this summer. I’ll be switching from Molecular Biology to Psychology which is really exciting.

So that’s me for the last two months. The next two will be spent continuing my last stint of lab work, revising my paper, and giving my first talk at a conference!

Thanks for reading 🙂


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