Who am I?



I am Ben, a PhD candidate in Psychology & Neuroscience student at the University of St Andrews.

I studied Human Biology at the University of Birmingham for my undergrad and am particularly interested in all aspects of behavioural biology from genes through physiology to behaviour and learning.

I am blogging about the transition to PhD (the hassle, the excitement, the process as a whole) as well as interesting findings in science and occasional random ramblings πŸ™‚

I enjoy stand up comedy (Dara O’Briain, Eddie Izzard…), cheesey movies (Pitch Perfect, most romcoms…), playing guitar (rock, heavy metal…), andΒ  extended chats about the above, life, and the universe in all its beauty πŸ™‚

6 thoughts on “Who am I?

  1. Klaus F

    Hi Ben,
    Thought of completing the DLHE survey of your alma mater? Would be very welcome. Many thanks also for flying the Birmingham flag on the online fora. Hope you have an exciting time at St. Andrews.

    Klaus F.

    • Hi Klaus,

      I’ve filled it in already (Steve emailed it to me).

      No problems regarding the Birmingham flag. Happy to answer any questions from prospective students or soon-to-be graduates wanting to know about moving on to PG life!


  2. Fatmata Daramy

    Heya Ben,

    I really enjoyed reading your blog post on FindaPhD.com.
    I was wondering if you did a MSc before starting your PhD.

    • Hello Fatmata!

      I did do a masters but not an MSc. My undergraduate degree contained an addtional 4th year before graduating which was held at the masters level. So I have a single degree called an MSci. Up until year 3 this was the same as my peers and then the final year involved specialised training in research and presentation as well as a half-year research project πŸ™‚

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